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Thermometer & Pulse Oximeter


Infrared Thermometer


-Infrared reception

-Auto OFF

-Large Screen


-Press any key to continue

-Rapid measurement

-Backlit display

-30 sets of automatic memory

-Fever warning prompt


Non-Contact Forehead & Body temperature measurement camera Voice Alarm Device


- Built-In 1860mah Polymer Battery (30 hours of super long endurance, guard for all day.)

- Temperature Function can Switch *C / F

- Language Function can Switch English / Chinese (Mandarin)

- Back side built in magnet & 1/4 nut

- Charging method: Micro-USB2.0 or 1860 battery power supply

-Easy for use and suitable for Office home, supermarket, and community entrance.


Finger Pulse Oximeter


- Two-Color OLED display, graphics and oxygen volume map are displayed on the interface together;

- According to the needs of users, the overall adjustment of the direction of the display interface is required for observation data;

- Sound alarm function;

- Low power consumption, continuous working for 20 hours.

- Low perfusion.

- Low voltage indicator lamp.

- Turn off automatically if no signal for 8s.

- Small and light, easy to carry.

- The menu function that can set oxygen alarm limit, upper and lower PR limit, alarm switch, and sound switch.

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